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Executive Summary

The Web3.0 Asset Management System, PaaM™ (Planetary Augmented Asset Makerspace), designed by the Crepe Foundation, provides users with a framework to execute smart contracts with or without a technical understanding. On this system, users, as prosumers of a mature decentralized Web 3.0 ecosystem, can combine on/off-chain assets and non-blockchain assets into one basket to operate or manage.
The PaaM™ (Planetary Augmented Asset Makerspace) System has the following features.
PaaM™ is a decentralized integrated asset management system. The system eliminates the inconvenience of managing and operating assets on mutually incompatible blockchains and their fragmented ecosystems. It enables anyone to easily manage financial and even in-kind assets by tokenizing and integrating them. Since the system comes with pre-installed strategies and tools, users who do not understand blockchains and smart contract technology can easily introduce and execute management strategies with just a few clicks. The asset management strategies may include traditional financial market strategies that have been historically practical and theoretically proven.
PaaM™ provides a creation platform that allows any assets to be tokenized and issued. It expands the current virtual asset market to tokenize, combine and issue not only native virtual assets on the blockchain but also spot and futures assets traded in legacy financial markets and real markets. Even data without real assets can be created by tokenizing on the blockchain.
PaaM™ is a collaborative ecosystem that provides incentives to multiple users, including financial professionals and the general public. This system provides a makerspace so multiple users can participate, enabling them to perform various roles (design, operation, management, etc.) and collaborate in the entire process necessary for producing financial products.
PaaM™ is an income-generating system that allows one to generate profits more safely and within manageable risks. The system provides various strategies developed and introduced to control risk on the one hand and generate profits through Makerspace on the other hand. Users can develop strategies on the system as independent creators or prosumers of asset management, select and implement their own strategies among the provided strategies, or purchase strategies already specified by other creators. As a result, virtual asset investment, which has been perceived as a difficult and risky investment to control, can be an investment with a high probability of generating profits more safely within controllable risks through tokenized asset management on the blockchain on this system.
PaaM™ is the protocol economy ecosystem. This system is the ecosystem of the protocol economy which will form the basis of Web 3.0. In other words, contracts and all transactions between individuals are made through smart contracts, and an ecosystem in which profits can be fairly distributed through decentralized collaboration is guaranteed. This system introduced the Soulbound Token, a Non-transferable Reputation Token (NTRT) that manages users' reputations so collective intelligence can be manifested through efficient cooperation between users.
Last but not least, the founders of our Crepe Foundation hope that PaaM™, as not just another DeFi, but a Web 3.0 asset management system that opens up a Web 3.0 form of prosumer finance, will become the foundation of 'stakeholder capitalism'[2] and become a starting point to manifest a new economic democracy through the gigantic protocol economy ecosystem with equitable distribution of wealth.
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