🌐Executive Summary

CREPE is a Decentralized Asset Management System (DeAMS) designed to manage all assets on the planet, including Real-World Assets (RWAs) and Virtual Assets. This system allows both financial experts and the laypersons alike, regardless of their technical understanding of blockchain or web 3.0, to accommodate, tokenize, and manage all assets in baskets.

The system enables users to prove the authenticity of assets through Proof of Reserve (PoR) and interlink different types of assets using protocols like the Cross-chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). It also provides an ecosystem where anyone can operate tokenized assets through smart contracts. Thus, users in this system can combine assets into one basket and manage or operate them as prosumers in a decentralized web 3.0 ecosystem.

The asset management engine of this system, known as PaaMβ„’, is comprised of the following three component platforms:

  • Asset Tokenization Platform: This platform allows RWAs to be accepted and tokenized as assets in the Cryptoverse. It uses PoR to prove the existence of assets and CCIP to enable cross-chain asset interoperability.

  • Strategy Creation Platform: This platform provides a makerspace where financial experts can easily use multiple asset management strategies. Especially, financial experts can create and sell innovative financial products equipped with strategies through a few simple clicks, without needing a deep technical understanding of smart contracts.

  • β€œOne-click” Activity Platform: This platform enables financial experts to create asset management baskets with innovative strategies and mint tokens, which ordinary users can buy or sell with just one click.

The Crepe system has the following features.

CREPE is a decentralized asset management system (DeAMS). It resolves the inconvenience of managing and operating fragmented blockchain assets and extends to tokenizing and integrating real-world assets for easier management. Even users with limited blockchain and smart contract knowledge can easily adopt and implement management strategies with a few clicks, including historically practical and theoretically proven strategies from the traditional financial market.

CREPE is a creation system for asset management professionals to tokenize all assets and apply their strategies. It expands the virtual asset market, allowing tokenization and issuance of not only blockchain native assets but also traditional financial market and real-world assets. Financial and asset management experts can combine various assets and apply their strategies on them.

CREPE operates on a web 3.0 collaboration ecosystem driven by protocol economics. It ensures a decentralized collaboration ecosystem where individual contracts and transactions are executed through smart contracts. The system introduces a Non-Transferable Reputation Token (NTRT), the Soulbound Token, to manage users' reputations, fostering efficient collaboration and collective intelligence among users.

CREPE is a sustainable ecosystem. In the theory of Mechanism Design in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it's crucial to design for sustained incentive compatibility, encouraging voluntary participation. This system is designed to learn and measure each member's activity and contribution within the community, providing monetary and non-monetary incentives accordingly, thereby naturally fostering a sustainable ecosystem.

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