CrW™ Definition

CrW™ (Crepe Work) is a blockchain version of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in the traditional financial market. Like an ETF, it is a kind of crypto product that strictly tracks the particular index. The underlying basket (a.k.a. PDF (Portfolio Deposit File)) of CrW™ is rebalanced or repositioned only as defined at its creation time. It is managed only by authorized product managers, EPM (Expert Product Managers), or WPM (Whitelist Product Managers).

CrW™ development and operation

  1. A professional product manager selects the desired index or creates a new one in MakerSpace.

  1. We create a product (CrW™) that tracks the index based on the index. Although it follows the same index, various types of CrW™ can be created by combining it with the product management strategy of the expert who creates it.

  1. Create a token (product token) of the created CrW™ product.

  2. Register the product token in the Market.

(1) The name of the CrW™ product (cre T10-2403) and the product manager who created the defective product (Water on the screen). 2403 after the name means that the product ends in March 2024.

(2) Standard index (CRE T10 Index): Click to connect to Makerspace and check this index.

(3) Display the current status of this product: Displayed as Live if currently in operation

(4) ROR: Rate of Return

(5) Number of product tokens (creT10-2403) currently available for purchase

(6) Indicate when this product was created

(7) Users use USDT to Buy & Redeem the corresponding product token.

* The CrW™ product currently in operation, CrW T10-2403, is a pilot product that will end at the end of March 2024, and full-scale CrW™ products will be added.

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