The CRE Token

Tokens issued by this platform are as follows.

  1. CREPE Token: It serves as a means of storing financial value within the ecosystem and also as a payment method for the use of products and services created by all active entities within the ecosystem. The value of CREPE Token changes based on the growth of the CREPE ecosystem's size, usability, and velocity of circulation, as well as demand and future revenue potential. It can be mined as a reward for investment activities such as staking and liquidity provision, as well as community activation activities like marketing, sales, research, and CIP submission.

  2. Soulbound Tokens (SBTs): Used as a decentralized identifier for participants within the CREPE ecosystem. Since SBTs cannot be transferred or sold, they act as a means of tracking personal attributes such as reputation, credentials, credit amounts, and rankings, as exemplified below. An independent entity can have multiple profiles for different purposes. An SBT cannot be removed unless it is burnt by its owner.

  3. Product Token: These tokens are issued by makerspaces, minted, and offered in asset management products like CrWโ„ข, CrDโ„ข, and MNS. They are in principle security tokens that are backed by underlying assets, but are only traded internally and not on external exchanges. To redeem the tokens, they can be exchanged for CREPE tokens on CrepeSwap.

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