🍱Lagrangian Protocol


Lagrangian Protocol seeks consistent, risk-adjusted returns through a delta-neutral strategy, capitalizing on inefficiencies in cryptocurrency market bases and funding rates, while maintaining portfolio stability.

Strategic Approach

Utilizing advanced algorithms and mathematical models, we monitor market liquidity to exploit arbitrage opportunities between instruments. This strategic monitoring supports our automated trading system that manages trading volumes, basis, and open interest, ensuring minimal slippage and optimal execution.

Risk Management

Operational risks are minimized by automating trade management, breaking down orders into smaller units for both entry and exit to reduce market impact and optimize execution. This meticulous approach helps maintain net delta exposure under 1%, underscoring our focus on capital protection and consistent returns.

Performance Metrics

Below is the return curve for the L2 fund, an example of the Larangian Protocol.

Our Yield Curve demonstrates steady growth and robust APRs, reflecting our commitment to long-term growth through disciplined trading and strict risk controls

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