🫁CRE Supply Control

Crepe provides a creation platform that supports creators' production activities by providing a Makerspace where they can combine various assets and allows creators to tokenize and publish their results. At the same time, it is a collaborative ecosystem that provides incentives to experts, including many ordinary people, who perform various roles (design, operation, management, etc.) in the entire process necessary for producing financial products. In addition, it is a funding and investment system that raises investment funds necessary for creators' product management from investors and provides various incentives to liquidity providers. It is a protocol economy platform that operates so that all participants in the process of issuance, operation, and investment receive the value produced in the platform as an agreed-upon incentive.

A. Participants

  1. Creators (index developers, investment strategy developers, fund managers) create financial products using the tools provided by makerspace within the PaaMβ„’. The designed product can be issued and sold as an intellectual property NFT.

  2. Analysts report research, risk management, and monitoring and analysis of market situations to designated channels. By holding NFT, users can also invest in the creator's product and upgrade the NFT according to the investment result.

  3. Investors can sell trading access rights for investment data as NFTs.

  4. Liquidity providers provide liquidity for relevant products and receive compensation.

B. Incentives and Penalties

  1. CREPE Token staking contributes to ecosystem stability by reducing the circulation quantity of CREPE Token, a Native Governance Token, depending on the period and quantity, and receives rewards.

  2. Activities of ecosystem participants are stored as NFTs linked to DAO, and utility is created through community activation. Users will get rewards with CREPE Token incentives for all these activities.

  3. Transactions not meeting the minimum staking period are subject to penalties upon withdrawal.

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