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The 1st Web3.0-based Integrated Asset Management System
CREPE is WEB3 based integrated asset management system built on the Polygon Network. Its main objective is to build PaaM™(Planetary Augmented Asset Makerspace System) engine. PaaM™ is a system specialized in digital asset management.
Users may create a basket of assets using a Makerspace on the CREPE. Each basket which is created by Makerspace carries a framework to develop a portfolio of investments. Assets include on-chain & off-chain assets or non-blockchain assets with credential oracle market data.

The Advantages of PaaM™

Until now, crypto assets have been limited to on-chain. However, this platform does not divide and reject traditional and crypto finance boundaries but actively utilizes each advantage.
On this platform, creative users can flexibly mix on/off-chain assets with non-blockchain assets by participating in an open makerspace and hedging in various ways.
Comprehensive Diversity
All global assets such as real on/off-chain and non-blockchain assets and even data without any assets are converted into virtual assets and tokenized.
Durability & Sustainability
The platform provides many financial investment strategies developed in legacy finance as tools so creators can use them in the makerspace
The platform provides smart contract factory technology ScoFact™ so that even the general public with little knowledge of blockchain technology can easily create them.
The reality is that even highly skilled programmers are easily exposed to hacking. The platform reduces the risk of hacking by using a proven framework.
Financial products created on this platform can be viewed on the blockchain to enhance transparency, not only difficult to changing arbitrarily but also easy to reading its’ changes.
Anyone can participate and use this platform with little knowledge of blockchain or lack knowledge about financial products.
Ease & Convenience
Anyone can manage their assets and design financial products easily with makerspace designed to make it easy to create financial products with a minimum of clicks.
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